View Full Version : A guide to building Lianja Mobile business database Apps in Lianja v2.0

2015-07-24, 07:40
In preparation for the next major release of Lianja v2.0 there is a new blog article on the main web site.

A guide to building Lianja Mobile business database Apps (http://www.lianja.com/resources/blog/39-coding-tips/446-a-guide-to-building-lianja-mobile-business-database-apps)


2015-07-27, 01:44
Hello Barry, thanks for a guide.
A question, you can create an application "mobile" with DB "local" on the device?


2015-07-27, 05:24
No, it is client/server just like you build Web Apps. We have this all working internally now and it is undergoing QA and testing.

We are looking to providing the Lianja/VFP database and scripting language as a native PhoneGap plugin running native on mobile devices in v3.0.

This is relatively easy for us to do but there may be some issues with Apple iOS apps as they may not be accepted into the App Store. Android will not have this issue.

2015-07-27, 05:54
ok, thanks.

2016-08-12, 11:10
The blog article has been added to the Lianja wiki and updated for Lianja 3.0:

Building Lianja Mobile business database Apps (http://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/Building_Lianja_Mobile_business_database_Apps)

We have also started a troubleshooter for unexpected error message in the PhoneGap Build log (e.g. ones that you can't fix by correcting your Account Credentials).

Check the PhoneGap Build Troubleshooter (http://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/PhoneGap_Build_Troubleshooter) for ones we have encountered and their solutions.