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2015-07-18, 18:29

I wondered if anyone knows how to, or can point me to those who know how to use Lianja to integrate bar code scanning, utilize touch screen technology, and what is required for the integration of credit card processing.

As far as the credit card processing, it would be preferable to utilize standard voice land lines, as Internet/Cloud usage would be/could be unreliable and/or intermittent.

Thanks, and I hope I'm in the right part of the Forum --- new to the whole thing.

Appreciate any help or guidance you're willing to provide.

2015-07-18, 20:26
Lianja is touch screen ready out of the box.

Which operating system are you referring to specifically?

The Lianja C API can be used to extend Lianja to handle serial communications if you need to interface to bar code scanners or credit card processing.

On windows Lianja supports ActiveX.

2015-07-19, 05:42
My plan is to develop software on the Mac platform and release runtime apps that run under Windows.

Can you point me to some one/some company that can provide serial comm. interface add-ons? I don't have the skills or background to do this myself, and frankly don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks so much.

2015-07-19, 05:50
I'm not aware of any cross platform serial communications libraries but you could sponsor this to be made available by our development team who could built it into the product for you as a class.

There are certainly some ActiveX controls to handle bar code scanning but these are windows specific.

If you email support@lianja.com we can discuss the way forward with this privately.

2015-07-19, 07:06
After further thinking about this, seeing as Lianja supports integration of Python from Lianja/VFP there may well be a python library available that provides this functionality also.

2015-07-19, 13:06
As Barry points out, Windows supports ActiveX. The WorthData ActiveX bundle ought to work. It's best to install the whole Update Manager, even though you plan to use only the OCX, because that also installs the highspeed interface, which otherwise you will have to install manually.