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2015-05-09, 17:06
Has any one tried or does anyone know if a VFP executable can be run from within Lianja

2015-05-10, 04:55
Hi Quailco,
first: Why don't you test it on your own?

Of course Lianja can shell out to any windows-based program (as long as you run Lianja on a Windows OS), thus: yes you can "run a VFP executable from within Lianja".

But maybe you meant if Lianja can serve as the runtime module for the compiled VFP-code. That's not possible, since there's no way to match up all the function signatures and calling points, which are hardcoded in the EXE and the VFP9R.dll.
It may be technically possible to run a FXP from within Lianja, but then I would argue "where's the benefit?", since if you have a FXP, you would also have the PRG and that would then be easily ported to Lianja. (and if you don't have the PRG, then there's always a ReFox near you :) )

2015-05-10, 16:42
Hi Quailco,

to add to what w00dy said: if you compile your vfp exe as a COM server, you can instantiate it in a desktop application, and in the cloud server. That can allow you to make function/method calls, etc. from your existing exe.