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2015-05-05, 06:49
I have set up an EC2 Windows Virtual Server instance on Amazon, opened port 8001 and installed Lianja Cloud Server. I deployed the app in the Web App View which generated the index.htm file. I then copied the C:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\wwwroot\apps\ myappfolder folder to the EC2 server and the database to C:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\data.

When I try to run the app from a browser http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8001/apps/myappfolder/index.htm or http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8001/login.rsp I get the “This page can’t be displayed” error. How do I run the app from a browser or tablet?

2015-05-05, 07:20
Is it a tipo: index.htm ?
Should be index.html, right?

And I hope you included system tables (users...).

2015-05-06, 00:07
it's a typo, it should be index.html

2015-05-06, 02:23
If you are using a desktop browser and you have enabled the app with guest access in the app settings then your URL is correct.

you need to make sure that the firewall is allowing access to port 8001.

Right click on the browser page and look for errors in the JavaScript console.

if your app works in your dev machine and you have deployed the app, library files and data it should be working on a remote server.

Check the permissions in the files that you uploaded.

2015-05-06, 05:57
I created an inbound rule in Windows Firewall to allow access to port 8001. Now I am able to run the app from a desktop browser with that URL. Thanks.

2015-05-06, 06:20
Hi deepakrjx,

After you succeed, share your knowledge with the rest of us in details, so that others who decide maybe later for Amazon like you, less suffer.
I mean everything in details: from contacting Amazon, your decisions on various options, your whole experience...what to watch out...
Make the thread titled "How to put Lianja on Amazon CLoud".