View Full Version : Pict in a WebView section does not appear in Web Preview

2015-03-21, 00:01
A pict listed under "Image Files" of an App, I reference in a WebView section by img src="pict.jpg". The pict appears in DevView und DeskView but not in WebPreView! In this case, it will be searched in a temp directory. How should be the img src - reference?

2015-03-21, 21:10
Hi gcjm,

Have you deployed the app using the deploy option?

You need to make sure all your files are deployed so the web server can see them.


2015-03-21, 21:31

Have a look at this.



2015-03-25, 08:34
Is your WebView Section based on an rsp script? If so, open the Web App View, click Deploy, then click Preview (or open your browser and go to http://localhost:8001 and open the App from there). You should see your image correctly. (If not, check the inspector in the browser and see if there are any errors.) The Web App View is looking for the image in the temporary directory where the code it generated instead of the App's directory.