View Full Version : Update data in a webview with Odata_update

2015-03-15, 11:21
There a many ways to do things in Lianja.

In this example, I am using odata_update to update data in a webview.

There is no need for PHP or asp.net, the function handles it all for you.

I think it's quite brilliant actually and saves an incredible amount of time.

Here is video, I'll post the code later.


2015-03-15, 11:50
Here is the RSP page (remove the .txt - it was used for uploading).

The call is made with this line in another .rsp page

function getEmployee(employeeid)
Lianja.showDialog("Update Employee","lib:/dlg_updateemployee.rsp?mployeeid="+employeeid+"",500,500,0,1,1);


2015-03-16, 15:13
Thank you Herb for all your videos and code/packages.

I found this thread completely by accident. I visit forum every day and yet your thread was not shown to me.
This is not the first time that I suspect forum is not working properly with option New posts.

Am I alone experiencing this strange forum's behavior?
Even worse if you skip visiting a day or two, I suppose. Because I find the most unanswered posts are from summer months.

2015-03-16, 16:04
Hi Josip,

I did notice that happened a couple times to me.
I just search on yesterday.


2015-03-16, 16:44
I've seen it happen. Sometimes I look at Acivity Stream to make sure I didn't miss anything.