View Full Version : Default RSP page in an application

2014-11-24, 15:33
Is it possible to set a default .rsp page, where that page resides in an application?

This is a web service that will provide its own authentication. I'm asking simply to see if it's possible to simplify the URL using something like index.rsp.



2014-11-25, 00:09
Hi Hank,

You specify the default "website" page in the Server settings.

An App itself has an index.html page in it when its deployed.

Web Apps -- index.html
Tablet Apps -- tablet_index.html
Phone Apps -- phone_index.html

The HTML5/JavaScript code that is generated is based on the "UI personalities" that you have specified.

The "Start page" for an App is in the App Settings.

If you want this to be a .rsp page then just put it in a webview with "Stretch last section" and the .rsp page will be displayed as the first page in the App.

2014-11-25, 10:02
Hi Barry,

Ah, yes, I had known these usages but didn't recall them as I was thinking of my current usage.

I am using the .rsp page as the server side of a web service, getting the JSON from the _request array (as the only URL parameter).

Perhaps a better question is: I know how to configure the LCS as a websockets service. Beyond that, I can only guess. Where does the code go, how is the message picked up, etc.