View Full Version : Using existing PHP extensions

2012-04-03, 19:59
Where should I copy PHP extensions to when I want to use them in Lianja from my PHP code?

2012-06-06, 11:59
Where should I copy PHP extensions to when I want to use them in Lianja from my PHP code?

If you have chosen the default installations.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lianja\scriptinglanguages\php\ext\



2012-09-09, 10:21
I'm using Lianja with PHP and finding it very nice for building hybrid html5/desktop apps. How come most of the chat on these forums seems to be more focussed on visual foxpro? I don't really know visual foxpro but I am finding Lianja to be quite productive when using php and JavaScript. I think you guys need to emphasize php and JavaScript more than you are. Just my opinion :)

2012-09-09, 10:44
I think it's a case of more FoxPro developers are asking question here than PHP and Java developers. I don't think it has anything to do with Lianja staff pushing FoxPro more than anything else

2012-09-09, 11:02
Tbh the php and JavaScript support is quite good especially with the ui framework and the way apps are built out of pages and sections. It's easy to understand and far less complex than using code centric IDEs like zend studio or eclipse. Maybe Lianja should be promoting itself more to php and JavaScript devs than it is.

2012-09-14, 23:22
Great to see that you will be shipping jquery as part of the next beta.

2012-09-14, 23:30
And fwiw I have found nothing else that comes anywhere near Lianja that lets me use my php and JavaScript skills for building beautiful desktop applications. its database integration is excellent. How come Microsoft didn't come up with something like this? Just goes to show what can be done without layers of management meetings. I don't know how many people work on Lianja but they are certainly an agile company.