View Full Version : Client-Side Validation?

2012-04-02, 13:32
Will the web client have client-side validation, or will everything have to go back to the server?



2012-04-02, 19:44
Validation can be as simple as a an expression but it can also be an app specific function which requires it to do a round trip to the server to execute Recital/VFP code. JavaScript being the "language" of the browser, it is recommended that if you are building "web targeted" Apps you should code all your client-side logic in that as this is executed in the context of the browser. Lianja Web Client maintains cursor context so it knows the contents of the "Active Record" and you have access to all of the fields in form sections and grids.

2012-04-02, 19:45
The "Mobile Client" on the other hand will have the full Recital/VFP scripting engine embedded in it so this is all done locally.

2012-04-03, 10:07
Well, someday we'll have a HTML5 Sandbox and the JIT can live in there just like mobile. Until then, there's BlueStacks (once Lianja has the Android client): my guess is that for cloud apps, it will be cheaper to use BlueStacks than to keep the app pushing stuff back and forth, not to mention have 2 codebases.

2012-04-03, 18:57
We have the vfp scripting engine that could be in the browser native but it will definitely not be in v1. It is a JavaScript implementation of vfp. For future consideration.