View Full Version : Newbie How-to: Which demos are written in your scripting language

2014-10-20, 08:09
Demos are valuable source of information for newcomers to see what is all about in Lianja.

According to your language background it is good to know which demos will you understand immediately. Newcomers are all looking for some known piece of code. Sometimes it is a question where is the code in Lianja? In some demos there's really no code (see: "NoCode"). This will help you to focus on demos you can understand and to enter into familiar territory.

Second problem is difference in App Center Tile captions and filenames/foldernames of apps when exploring structures under Lianja folder.





For now it looks "too many" languages is a problem. Some demos show that Lianja can mix various languages in same app. Every page is written in another one. For future: Some function you found written in PHP or JavaScript you can execute from VFP code. No need to translate to VFP syntax. Cool. And those are huge communities which functions we can now "borrow".

2014-10-20, 10:04
Thanks, Josip: very useful overview.


2014-10-20, 23:53
Hi Josip,

example_gridformating is NoCode. The .rsp file in that app is not used. I have removed it from the app in the next build.