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2014-10-12, 00:43
In v1.2.4 I have added the ability to override the month and day names in the popup date picker in Web Apps. Note that in Mobile Apps such as iOS or Android Apps the native date picker is used.

Full localization is planned for v2.0. This is an interim solution for those complaining about the date picker using english words.

You need to specify a two character locale name e.g. de for Germany, fr for France etc.

This causes the date picker to display with localized text in Web Apps.


Dates are always displayed in ANSI standard format so that the server does not have to understand the locale of the user. Here is an example using 'de' for German.


And here is another example using simplified Chinese language.


And another using Thai.


2014-10-12, 04:36
Just to explain how localization is going to work in a forthcoming release.

In v1.2.4 the distribution contains a new folder under the Lianja main folder called "languages" this will (in due course) be used for automatic language translation of your applications.

The way it will work is that the "locale" e.g. "de" will have a file called de.lang containing translation of captions and other textual elements.




Additionally, each app can have a language translation file.


Containing App specific translations.

The basic idea behind this is that when your App runs it will load the language translation files and translate static captions etc.

When generating a Web / Mobile App the apps will be generated based on different language files that you have specified also.

This enables the same App to run in the cloud with different languages. The App Center will allow you to select a "Language" and will use the generated App for that language.

Obviously data will not be translated.

This is why its important to always use unicode/utf-8 wherever possible rather than the (deprecated) windows specific code pages as Lianja will provide you with the ability to write one App that can be used by users in many different geographic locations and therefore provide ISVs and developers with a larger potential customer base.

2015-02-09, 19:14
I just updated to version 1.3 and the lianja\languages folder is empty. Any news or pointer about localization?


2015-02-09, 19:56
Localization will be implemented in v2 as stated in the development roadmap.