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2014-10-10, 08:48
After you made your first page, you want other pages to have same visual attributes as first one.
Manual adjustment is tedious. Page template is really a useful thing here.

1.Open your preferred page
[Corrected after Yvonne's answer]
1A. Temporarily change the Name of this page to something you never use as a name
2.Save as Page Template


3.Give it a name
3A.[Corrected after Yvonne's answer] Change back old name of your page you started with.
4.When build new pages, use your new template


5.You get "PAGE TEMPLATE LOADED" (no additional page is visible here! Nor in the list of pages.)
6.Start changing current page's attributes (Name, Title, Caption)

Here is a bug: you are losing original page.
You will need again 'new page from template' to get back your original.
Now you have two pages.

For every new page to make, I think you need to have opened the page from which you made this template as current page.
Or you will lose the page which you have not saved as template.

Despite bug, this is better than manually adjust every next page.
I'm sure the bug will be fixed.
Or I am doing something wrong and will learn from answers here.
Save page as... will be better solution.

Josip Radnik

2014-10-10, 09:02
Hi Josip,

Page 'names' must be unique within the App. If you want to load a saved Page template into the same App as the original Page, change the name of the original Page before you load the template.



2014-10-10, 12:05
Hi Josip,

In Setup for an app, the app configuration, page defaults, and section defaults can be set to give your app a consistent look and feel. Note that the Page and Section defaults includes the ability to specify css files to skin your app, while the App Configuration section allows you to select a theme for your app..

In addition, your users (if you wish) can change the theme are runtime, using the Lianja.theme attribute. You can define your own themes, using the themes in c:\lianja\themes as examples (you can also include your own theme there to use).



2018-07-26, 04:48
Copy Pages:
Are there any new insights / updates on how to create and use page templates? (Josip Radnik writes in 2014 of a bug)

I am also looking for something to copy sections, e.g. Wiki?


2018-07-26, 05:16
Hi Georg,





2018-07-26, 10:45

Thank you... it looks easy... sorry, it doesn't work as exspected.

I did the following steps:

- generated a page (page1) with a webview section (section1)
- saved this page as template xxx
- generated a new app (an empty page1 appears)
- generated a new page by the template xxx

A "chaos" happens (for me):

the template page does not appear in the pages menu... and other strange effects

What I want to do:
Several equal pages with similar webview sections. These sections differ in the URL only.

2018-07-26, 11:15
Hi Georg,

As I mention earlier in this thread, Page 'names' must be unique within the App. If you are going to save a Page with the name 'page1' as a template ('xxx' is the name you gave your template, not the Page's 'name' attribute), then make sure you do not already have a Page with the name 'page1' in the App you load it into.

If you are going to load the same template a number of times into the same App, then change the 'name' attribute of the loaded Page before loading the template again.



2018-07-26, 11:30
Thank you, Yvonne,

this was my mistake, sorry!

The heat has turned off my brain ...

But it would be good if it were pointed out in the Docs.

2018-07-26, 11:35
Just done it :)

2018-07-26, 13:53
You are sooo fast!

But unfortunately the next software devil is waiting ... I will post a ticket.
("Navigation in WebApp does not work with Collection")