View Full Version : Differences between embedded Lianja database and Lianja SQL Server

2014-09-12, 11:58

Could you briefly outline the major differences between the embedded database and Lianja SQL Server?



2014-09-12, 12:19
Hi Bill,

There is no difference, the Lianja SQL Server is a means to allow you access to Lianja data from 3rd party programs or databases, primarily via ODBC. Hope this helps.

2014-09-12, 21:09
Hi Bill,

The Lianja SQL Server is a complete SQL database server used for building client / server Apps. It is not just for providing third party access to Lianja data.

You can install and run it on a separate server machine (Windows or Linux).

It is the equivalent of MySQL or MSSQL.

One big advantage is that you can write stored procedures in Lianja/VFP scripting.

Hope that helps to clarify.