View Full Version : Linefeeds (in VFP put) in Lianja memo field missing

2014-07-08, 07:45
the following refers to Lianja/Windows.
I imported a database table with a memo field.
This contains an "address label view".
I put (in VFP) at every line end a chr(10)+chr(13) (CarrigeReturn and Linefeed = CrLf).
The corresponding Lianja table shows no CrLfs but all text in one line.
It looks like the Linefeed is missing!
Is this intentionally or an error?
Thanks Georg

2014-07-08, 09:05
Hi Georg,
just as a sidenote: a CR+ LF is CHR(13) + CHR(10), not vice versa.
But maybe that's the problem?

2014-07-11, 20:15
I believe the importer is removing the CR LF. This is a setting that needs to be added to the importer to prevent this happening.

Another issue is that the memo editor in Lianja is for editing HTML documents so that your end users can create Nicky formatted documents on desktop, web and mobile. This being the case, if you are formatting memos to contain address labels, do not edit them in the html editor, use a standard editbox cintrol.