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2014-06-20, 22:25
In v1.1.6 we now provide you with complete control to handle gestures in the HTML5 Web/Mobile Clients for touch enabled devices (SwipeLeft, SwipeRight, SwipeUp, SwipeDown, Pan, Pinch, Tap, TapAndHold). These can now be specified for pages and sections.


So now you can call delegates (inline or in JavaScript) that navigate between records, switch to edit mode etc using gestures.

2014-06-21, 16:21
Hi Barry

May I know what do we actually specify for the attribute?

Is Sales_section2_gestureswwipeleft referring to a page name or section name or is it a javascript function name?

Your advice is much appreciated

Thanks & Best Regards

2014-06-21, 20:22
Hi Tek Hong,

These are delegates so they can be inline or the name of a JavaScript function that is called when the gesture occurs.