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2014-06-18, 11:00
How do I make this run? The project started in 1992 in FoxPro 3.0 for DOS and was moved to VFP 5 the VFP 7 and now VFP 9. It is a mixture of old and new. Everything seemed to work on the imports, but what do I do to make it run? When I put it in App view I get a page 1 that with the exception of a Account Login box is empty.

Is there a help file or video that will help with this?

2014-06-18, 11:41
Hi FuzzyRider,

Imports of Visual FoxPro projects, classes and forms extract the data from the VFP tables and generate source code scripts in your App. Start from the Lianja/VFP Command Window in the Console Workspace and run your scripts using DO or DO FORM and issue any required SET CLASSLIB or SET PROCEDURE commands to reference libraries.

Check the Error and Log windows in the Console Workspace for any issues. Your scripts can be edited in the Apps Workspace.

Form scripts (*.scp) can also be referenced from a Page (Pages Workspace -> Form Tools -> Page), in which case they are embedded in a full-Page sized VFP Custom Section in your App. To modify the Custom Section, edit the Form script on which it is based, to add other Pages to the App, use any of the wide range of Lianja in-built Sections.


Yvonne Milne

2014-06-20, 17:23
Yvonne; how do for to specify the form properties and methods?

I can edit the components properties, but not found to the form .

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2014-06-20, 23:02
How many times you ask this question Victor? It has been answered many times already.