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2014-06-05, 07:44
Sorry if they are dumb, but I need to understand one or two thing ..
If I have a DB on LSQL, when I use the tables in Lianja app builder, I have to use ODBC?


2014-06-05, 07:51
Lianja SQL Server is just like any other SQL database server. You use virtual tables via ODBC just as you would with MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL etc.

The main difference is that you can call stored procedures on the server in Lianja/VFP rather than a cut down subset of that functionality.

2014-06-05, 08:01
Ok, I imagined ..

If I create an app based instead on the internal engine for the tables, and I want to share on the network lan ..
The data is read from the file server that contains the data right?

Now, if I want to improve the performance and I install Lianja Cloud server ..
Can I keep the internal data manager's without installing LSQL?

Can I use Lianja app center or should I use only web access?


2014-06-05, 08:25
Yes it will read via the network file system if you map a network drive.

Yes (again) Lianja Cloud Server includes Lianja SQL Server as stated in the product pages.

I don't understand "Can I use Lianja app center..."

The Lianja App Center is currently available for desktop Apps.

For the Web, It is currently under development and will be available soon (as will Virtual Tables) as part of the Lianja Cloud Server. All this information is detailed on the roadmap.

2014-06-05, 08:47
But a Desktop App reads the data via ODBC or via a LAN, right?

If you use the Cloud Server, I'm forced to use LSQL Server? or the application can read data directly from disk?

In a client that accesses the cloud, the "GetPrinter()", does it work?

2014-06-05, 09:02

No. You need to look at the sample web apps and go read the cloud server blog articles.

No you are running remote browser clients.