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2014-05-22, 06:33
(Lianja App Builder for Windows 1.1.1)

I imported a simple VFP Form to Lianja and I had to set several additions and changes.

I tried to append both VFP9 and Lianja sample with data as two zip files (with a few picts) but they are to big (maybe because of a few sample picts). So I posted it here:
(Yvonne Milne edit: sent to support)

My main problem:
- the combobox Combo1 seems not to work right in Lianja.
In the little database are two tables: test_table1 (main), test_subject1 (child)
I set the following properties:
BoundColumn: 2
BoundTo: .T.
ColumnWidth: 150,20
ControlSource: test_table1.subjectNo
RawSource: test_subject1.subject,subjectNo
RawSourceType: 2 - Alias
Further problems:
- Missing Form.Init proc in Lianja
(see test1/test_form1.scp - there I set several remarks, to find with "gcjm")
- Command6: BROWSE, Memo fields not to open (in VFP by 2click)
- Command8: Why doesn't not change the ForegroundColor?
The memo fields look like EMPTY but it seems they aren't.
- Edit1 in the FORM1 shows HTML-Text I didn't put. Why?
Why is no Enter (new line - CRLF) stored or shown?

On the other hand, I can nowhere see a Combobox in Lianja examples.
I can set a Combobox on a new page (it's drawn) but how I should set Properties like I posted it above?

Who could help me?
It's important because I would like to transfer a big VFP project to Lianja.
Coaching possible?

Thanks Georg (gcjm)

2014-05-22, 07:15
Hello Georg,

Please don't post zip files on the forums. You can submit a ticket and attach them.

If you have any issues like this they need to be submitted as tickets so that the support staff can investigate then pass them on to the developers.

If you submit tickets then the support staff will look into any issues and you will be notified as they determine what the issues are.

We provide complete support, consulting and services for Lianja as do various other developers who are regularly on the forums.

Please email us at support@lianja.com if you wish to discuss these services.