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2014-05-13, 08:12
We had a recent question about using CREATE TRIGGER in Lianja.

Yes, Lianja does support CREATE TRIGGER. One thing to note - do not use double-quotes ("") within the AS <expression>, use single-quotes ('') or square brackets ([]) for strings.

In addition to the Visual FoxPro FOR DELETE | INSERT | UPDATE Triggers, Lianja supports additional Triggers 'after' operations: FOR DELETE | ONAFTERDELETE | INSERT | ONAFTERINSERT | UPDATE | ONAFTERUPDATE (http://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/CREATE_TRIGGER).

You can also write trigger procedures within the Data Workspace:


Note that in the Data Workspace, Triggers are listed as onbeforeoperation and onafteroperation.



2014-05-13, 08:21
Very good.

The triggers work also with a VT?


2014-05-15, 09:51
A database contains tables.

Tables can have triggers.

You deploy your database to a server. So therefore you deploy your tables and their associated triggers to the server.

You startup Lianja SQL Server or the Lianja Cloud Server on the server.

You connect to the Lianja SQL Server using ODBC.

Virtual tables use ODBC to connect to an ODBC data source e.g. Lianja SQL server.

So to answer your question. Yes.

The triggers belong with the table in the database on the remote server. They are executed on the remote server.