View Full Version : Deploying App Center off the root directory?

2014-05-06, 16:45
We would prefer to install in a directory off the root of the selected drive.

It appears, however, that the App Center install wants to be in the \Lianja directory of whatever drive is selected.

Is there a command line switch to change either the location (e.g., "\companyname\lianja\...") or the directory name (e.g., "\companyname\...")?



2014-05-06, 20:46
Hi Hank,

No you have to install on a drive into \lianja which us what the installer does. There is no way to change that and it would require a lot of work for us so it is not going to happen any time soon.

2014-05-07, 05:46
Sorry reading this again I may have misunderstood.

The "runtime" directory structure is multi tenant. e.g.


I believe the root of the tenancy (default public) can be changed with an environment variable. I will check later for you.

2014-05-07, 09:20
Hi Barry,

no, you read it correctly the first time.

We typically install on d:\companyname\appname. That provides an easy identification for the enterprise IT who manage the server we are on to know what the directory is for (we are except on rare occasions on our own server). If they see some name they don't recognize, it will raise questions in their mind, then support will have to explain, etc.



2014-05-07, 09:34
In that case no you can't do that. It requires the installers to be changed again. I already had to do a lot to handle installing on different drives and still handle licensing.

2014-05-07, 10:17
Note that this is only an issue with deploying desktop or service apps, not cloud apps.