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2014-05-04, 19:58

Would it be feasible (at some later point - I know there is a whole roadmap) to include the ability to specify an animation attribute at the page level for mobile devices?

Something like


There are two cases that come to mind.
1. Clicking on a row in the mobile grid (when that is available) would slide the outgoing page to a specified direction and the incoming page in from the same direction.

2. Swipe navigation. Maybe we could have something that swipes an accordion left to right?



2014-05-04, 23:20
Hi Herb,

Yes. In fact there are gesture delegates but they are not yet in place. I intend to add gestures for navigation.

Can you submit an ER for this so that it gets on the todo list.

2014-12-23, 22:37
This is an old post and since then gestures and page transitions have been implemented.