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2014-04-28, 20:17
Sorry to be a pest about this but it is a very important subject.

I am about to begin working on some reports. What is the status of the migration of reports to Lianja and are there any suggestions for third party software if the migration isnt scheduled very soon.


2014-04-28, 21:04
Conversion of VFP reports is not scheduled until v2.

I cannot provide a date for this other than that it will be after all the v1.x releases which are detailed on the roadmap.

As we now have quite a large customer base we prioritize tickets and enhancement requests for licensed customers.

As I have explained on many occasions each developer has different features and functionality that they deem are "of utmost importance". What is important to one developer is not to another so we schedule the development of enhancements based on customer requests and overall demand. The development roadmap is often re-ordered based on customer demand.

Customers who "cannot live without" a certain feature either have to wait until it is implemented in the roadmap, pay for a sponsored feature (which varies in price based on the complexity) or write it themselves as a Lianja extension.