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2014-04-28, 10:07
Hi Team.
I've read this:

If I understand correctly, I can develop a stand alone application for Android, without using the cloud server?

Can I save data locally?

Then possibly update a DB without using a Cloud Server?


2014-04-28, 10:25
That is the plan yes.

So how would you propose to update/sync to a remote database on a server without Lianja Cloud Server. The whole point of an APaaS is that everything works together in harmony; Desktop, Web and Mobile.

A product only grows when driven by its customers. Think about it.

2014-04-28, 11:27
I agree,
but I had a request to develop a small application for the tablet to do simple tasks and then update a DB of a system already developed. be possible?

otherwise I have to install too many things .. and spend more than they should.


2014-04-28, 22:05

You state, "...Develop a small application for a Tablet..". Why not build this as an HTML5/JavaScript Tablet App?

If you or they cannot afford Lianja Cloud Server then buy an ISV or write your own.

Lianja Cloud Server handles data access. In v1.3 as stated on the roadmap it will handle VTs also. I am just re-iterating what is already specified in the roadmap.

Please read the roadmap. It is kept up to date as we develop.