View Full Version : Cached copy of .dbo?

2014-04-25, 15:17
In testing a deployment, I found a (can you believe it?) mistake in a .prg. So I corrected the mistake, tested it in the app, which tested OK.

I then redeployed to the app center. Confirmed that the new .dbo was there.

And the same error occurs. In my runtime errorhandler I SAVE ERROR and then import into a memo field. It shows the erring line in the .dbo as not having been changed.

I rinsed and repeated a number of times.

Apparently there is some caching going on? If so, how to clear? If not, any suggestions?



Addendum: I found a copy of the App Center running rogue (no UI showing) -- I had started the app directly, bypassing the app center. When attempting to End Task (or get a Dump File) I get an Invalid Operation.


I suspect a reboot will fix the issue.


2014-04-25, 21:29
There is in caching going on. Sounds like the dbo file was still open by your runtime app and could not be overwritten.

No idea what the app is doing with no UI nor why you could not kill it. Sounds strange.