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2014-04-17, 14:03
Code is attached.

console error listed by Lianja:
Thu Apr 17 10:52:57 2014
**** Lianja error ****
CLASS VCR1_02S0GRPL0 as vcr
CLASS 'VCR' not found
Called from program - standard2.vco at line 46
Called from program - entrytest2.prg at line 24

Problem description

3 classes are opened with additive; sample, buttons, and standard2

Vcr is a container being added to a form the create form command is in the prg entrytest2.prg

vcr is defined in buttons library- it was added in vfp class lib so is contained in the converted class

" vcr not found " VCR is clearly contained in the code but the interpreter IS not linKing the library in a way that finds it is the symptom but i havent found a cause or solution



2014-04-17, 22:32
Hi Jim,

When you find any issues can you please submit them as tickets on the main website. The forums make it hard to find after a few days.

Someone will take a look after the long weekend.