View Full Version : [Solved] How to add Column Totals to a grid column

2014-04-16, 23:59

Is there an attribute I can set to create a column calculation such as sum or average, etc?

If this cannot be done, please advise how can I code this.

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2014-04-17, 00:48
The grids have calculated fields horizontally but not vertically. This can be done by adding a section footer and calculating manually on a data change.

It is something that has been asked before and could be added into the grid as an enhancement.

2014-12-11, 02:00
Just so you all know, Grid column subtotals were added in Lianja v1.1.3. You can perform both horizontal and vertical totaling using NoCode. Just open the lianjademo example App and you will see it in action.


You can theme it also to make it look pretty.


2014-12-11, 02:59
Hi Barry

Many thanks for this much needed enhancement!

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