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2014-04-03, 05:26
In v1.1 there has been a change made to the way the "Refresh Interval" is used which you need to aware of.

For the sake of consistency I have added a new "Timer" delegate to pages, sections and formitems (in the atttributes). If the "Timer Interval" is specified and a timer delegate exists it will be called rather than just refreshing the section. If there is no delegate nothing happens so you need to be aware of this.

This is only active in runtime mode.

It is particularly useful for refreshing dynamic content in Canvas and WebView sections at given intervals to pull data into the UI and can be very effective for building management information dashboards..

This is implemented in Desktop, Web and Mobile.

2014-04-03, 07:11
HI Barry

This is great! Would the end users be able to configure the refresh interval or is that hard coded at compile time?

Thanks & Best Regards

2014-04-03, 07:34
Hi Tek Hong,

Thats an attribute for the page, section and formitems at design time.

In v1.1.Beta8 you can run the example_webapp3 and see it in action.

All the standard delegates are all in and working now as are custom sections, canvas sections and custom gadgets, all using the standard Lianja/VFP UI framework classes. So JavaScript devs can write using the same classes that VFP devs already know.

2014-04-03, 07:37
I should also add that most of the commonly used Lianja/VFP functions are included in the Lianja HTML5 Client too so no need to mess about with JavaScript too much, just use the functions as you would in VFP.

The doc will be published shortly then you can read all about it.

Quite a few surprises including VFP-style local cursors in the HTML5 Client running in a browser or on a mobile device.

2014-04-06, 11:39
Is there a lianja.js file that gets loaded with the web page that has all the Lianja."stuff" ? This is pretty cool.. as I would use this approach rather than what I'm doing now...

2014-04-06, 20:26
Currently everything is loaded separately when an App index.html file is generated. When I minify the js files I will be providing one .js file that will allow you to include everything in one script tag.

2014-04-06, 20:57
Nice... Thanks Barry..