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2014-03-27, 13:48

My current app was designed and only intended for desktop usage.
Except for the navigation panel, nothing works when I switch to web view.

For any future programming:
- What should I pay more attention to so that my app can be a multi platform app?
- What are some dos and don'ts?

Any tips, tricks, recommendation or suggestions would be appreciated.


2014-03-27, 14:17
Hi Cory,

If you look at the roadmap, you will see which sections are being added to the Lianja Cloud Server.

My understanding is that in LCS version 1.2 you will have the ability to use custom JavaScript and JavaScript canvas sections.

I don't believe you are going to be able to use VFP code (at least not as delegates in a cloud server application)

There is is still some confusion (at least for me) on what will or will not work in the LCS and Barry has agreed to put together a CRUD example that is LCS compliant.

My guess is that those parts of the app that reside back on the server, can be VFP style, while those parts that run strictly in the browser need to be JavaScript ( but again, I am not sure)


2014-03-27, 22:53
Lianja best practices,

Web/Mobile Apps = Standard sections + JavaScript custom/canvas sections (in v1.2)

VFP, Python, PHP code is desktop/server side code. It does not run in the browser. The Web/Mobile client does however allow you to call server side Lianja//VFP code and return it's results to the client.

As I work through the roadmap for the cloud server I will be documenting the Lianja HTML5 Client API which you can use for reference.

There will also be example apps included in the distro.

and please, when posting about beta versions please state what beta version as many developers do not have access to pre-release versions and are getting confused when features are referenced in the forums which are not in the version that they are using.

2014-03-28, 09:15
Thanks for the replies.