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2014-03-23, 03:17
Working through the enhancement requests that have been submitted as tickets, we have added a new grid column attribute "Recalculate". When data is entered into a grid cell interactively any readonly or calculated grid columns on that row are automatically recalculated and re-displayed. This is typically used to calculate totals e.g. if you have three columns; Quantity,Price,Cost and "Cost" is calculated by quantity*price, then as you change either quantity or price the "Cost" column in the grid row will be recalculated.

Tip: calculated fields can be bound to variables using the notation m.variable e.g. m.totalcost. In other words they don't have to be bound to a database/table/column.

2014-03-23, 03:41
HI Barry

This is great! Would it work for Form section and other sections as well?

Thanks & Best Regards

2014-03-23, 03:45
I intend to handle this in form and canvas sections yes.

2014-03-23, 19:45
Hi Barry,

just what the Dr. ordered (well, requested <s>).


Dr. Fay :)

2014-03-23, 21:46
These are now implemented in Form and Canvas sections also in v1.1.