View Full Version : Lianja.spawnApp() ???

2014-03-14, 10:43
In a previous thread, Barry mentioned Lianja.spawnApp()

It does not seem to be documented in the Wiki: should it be?

Should it be callable from the App Builder console?

The reason I ask is that I can call a prg with it and get no error; but there is also no evidence that the prg is running. Executing
? lianja.spawnapp("testspawn.prg") returns .T.

So, just in case I'm missing some of the secret sauce recipe...



2014-03-14, 11:12
That's probably because that's not an app it's a prg file. I would need to look in the code (I'm not on my computer at the moment) but I think it just takes an app name.

2014-03-14, 22:59
In fact I stand corrected, my code will run .prg, .php, .py. .js and app files.

result = Lianja.spawnApp(filename | appname, [username, [password, [args] ] ])
if result
// process is running

You may need to set the path of the filename if its not an App.