View Full Version : Split Grids - Grid and Form in one

2014-03-13, 10:43
I've had some questions today about Split Grids, so here's a little summary.

Split Grids are normal Grid Sections with the ability to display a single record Form View within the Section. In the lianjademo App, the Orders and Order Details grids in the 'Customers Orders' dashboard are both Split Grids.

You set Split Grid behaviour in the Grid Section Attributes, checking 'Double click to edit' and/or 'Split grid'.

With 'Double click to edit' set, double-clicking on a Grid row displays a single record Form in the grid. If you have memo or object (e.g. image) fields, check the 'Show memo/object panel' attribute.


Tip: hover your mouse over the join between the grid and the Form View to display a handle allowing your to resize the width of the Form View or hide it completely. There's also a resize handle for the height of the memo panel, just hover your mouse at the top of the panel header to reveal it.

Checking 'Split grid' gives you three possible 'Views' for the grid and displays buttons in the grid header allowing you to switch between them.


Split View:


Form View:


Grid View:


Tip: the displayed columns/fields are the same in the Form View as in the Grid View, i.e. a 'removed' column will not display in the Form View. They are also displayed in the same order - remember you can reorder the columns in a grid by dragging a column header over another.