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2014-03-11, 02:57
Lianja is under continual development as many of you already know.

We are expecting to make v1.1Beta1 available today for MVPs and ISVs who get early access to betas prior to general release.

There are many improvements and enhancements in v1.1. The main features and functionality are detailed on the roadmap. We have brought forward some of the development and "squashed" the roadmap down quite a lot.

Lianja v1.1 will be a free update for those of you who purchased v1.0.

Included in Lianja v1.1 are:

Lianja App Builder 1.1

The version 1.1 release includes.

BROWSE/Grid big data performance improvements with automatic grid pagination.
Added the ability to programatically switch in and out of fullscreen mode using Lianja.fullscreen = 1 or Lianja.fullscreen = 0 respectively.
Added a new icon to the header bar in the "Apps" and "Library" workspace to "Deploy this file to the cloud directory". This provides a way to do a quick change on a file and deploy it.
Added "Tablet App View" and "Phone App View" icon to the header bar. These together with the "Web App View" allow you to view how the App looks in a desktop web browser, Tablet and phone. Each "View" is live against your development data just as the Desktop App runtime View operates. There is also a "Mobile Tools Bar" down the left hand side of each view with a variety of icons that can be clicked to perform view specific operations such as "Refresh", "Save", "Orientation", "Preview" and at the bottom a "Settings" icon for configuring the App specific to that view. More to come.
Added "Debug" support for "Web", "Tablet", and "Phone" Apps. Just click the "Debug" icon in the "Tool Bar" on the left of the view to popup a Web Inspector which includes a DOM inspector and a JavaScript debugger.
Added the ability to hide the icon in the page header bar for web/tablet/phone Apps. This can be set to "Default", "None" or "Custom" in the App settings.
Added new page attribute "Stretch last section min height". On low resolution devices (e.g. phones) if the "Stretch last section" is checked and the section height is less that the "Stretch last section min height" then the section height is set to the specified value and the page automatically becomes scrollable.
Added new documentation tiles "jQuery Mobile" and "PhoneGap".
Added a new attribute for Grid sections "Show logicals as CheckBoxes". The default is to display a CheckBox for logical/boolean values in the grid.
Automatic HTML5 and JavaScript code generation of the Lianja Mobile Client for an App specifically tailored for phones with a small real estate.
Added some new UI Presentation Rules to the Page, Section and Field attributes dialog. You can now specify the UI element (page, section, field or gadget) to be included in the HTML5 JavaScript client depending on "Desktop", "Web", "Tablet" or "Phone". This simplifies the building of one app that will run on all devices.
New "Search Panel" that can render a custom search form specific to a section. This is shown when the search icon is clicked for a section. There are also some new actions on showDocument() to hide and show the search panel underneath the section header. These are action=showsearchpanel, action=hidesearchpanel and action=togglesearchpanel. Just specify these on Lianja.showDocument("page.section?action=togglesearchpanel"). If you specify "Auto create" in the search panel section attributes then the search form will be created automatically based on the "Search panel fields" in a form and also in a grid. This provides the ability to query subsets of data to view without having to write any code. This will be made available in desktop, web, tablet and phone apps.
Added some new properties to the "Container" class. border, borderWidth, borderColor, borderTop, borderTopHeight, borderTopColor, borderBottom, borderBottomHeight, borderBottomColor, borderLeft, borderLeftWidth, borderLeftColor, borderRight, borderRightWidth, borderRightColor, borderInset.
Added "Build a Desktop installer" for packaging up desktop runtime apps for deployment. This is now integrated into the "Deploy" workspace.
Added some new attributes to "Grid Gadgets" allowing the OK/Cancel and/or the ActionBar to be hidden.
Added an optional third parameter to "NetworkRequest" class postData() method which is a filename that the result from the HTPP request will be written into.
Made various enhancements to the "Deploy" workspace to simplify deployment of Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps.
Fixed an issue when trying to run the debugger with no App open and/or no custom libraries specified.
Fixed a random issue with MySQL int columns when the MySQL ODBC driver was not behaving as expected.
Added an additional (optional) parameter to postUrl() which will allow you to specify a filename where the result sent back from the remote HTTP server is stored.
The following functions have been enhanced to now handle JavaScript (.js files), PHP (.php files) and Python (.py files) in addition to their original functionality. This makes it easier to integrate existing JavaScript, PHP or Python libraries in with Lianja/VFP code and call functions in them using the execJavaScript(), execPHP() and execPython() functions respectively.loadLibrary( filename )
require( filename )
require_once( filename )
Fixed various bugs from reported tickets.

Lianja Cloud Server 1.1

The version 1.1 release includes.

Fixed various IE11 rendering issues.
Phonegap is now included in the Tablet and Phone HTML5 JavaScript App that is generated by the Lianja App Builder. The actual cordova.js file that is loaded into the App is determined when the App loads. This is required as there is a different cordova.js file for each mobile device. We currently handle iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Others will be added later if required.
Load custom JavaScript libraries into the client when HTML5 JavaScript code is generated.
Section header menus with JavaScript delegates.
Section footer menus with JavaScript delegates.
Fixed an issue where custom Lianja/VFP (.rsp pages) and custom JavaScript (.jssp pages) server pages were not being correctly referenced in the HTML5 JavaScript App that is generated for WebView sections.
TabView sections now honor the "Hide TabBar at runtime" attribute so the sectons in the Tab Panels can be shown programatically using Lianja.showDocument("page.section?action=select&text=CaptionText. You can use this in conjunction with the section header menus to navigate between the Tab Panels programatically.
Implemented Lianja.showNotification( message ) in the Lianja HTML5 Client.
Implemented Lianja.showMessage( message) in the Lianja HTML5 Client.
Implemented "Search Panels" in the Web/Mobile clients.
Tidied up a few cosmetic layout issues.
Fixed various bugs from reported tickets.

2014-03-11, 09:59
Hi Barry,

If I have version 1.0 installed and activated do I need to deactivate it, uninstall it to install 1.1 or can I just install 1.1 on top of 1.0 without having to do anything ?


2014-03-11, 10:20
All version 1.x licenses are the same. They only change when we release a major version e.g. 2.0

2014-03-11, 10:22
So no deactivation and reactivation is required. Just install on top of v1.0

2014-03-11, 10:23
Hi David,

Should be fine to just install over the top as long as your existing installation is in the default C:\Lianja. If you installed on an alternative drive, unset or remove any environment variables you set up for the installer before running the new one. If you installed in an alternative directory I would deactivate, uninstall and start from clean.



2014-03-11, 11:01
Thanks very much Barry and Yvonne.

I just wanted to make sure I did it right.



2014-03-11, 13:17
Hi Barry

1.1 "feels" much happier that 1.0

Thanks for al your hard work