View Full Version : More about NoCode and Custom "Search Panels" in v1.1

2014-03-01, 01:50
In v1.1 we have added a new "Search Panel" that can render a custom search form specific to a section. This is shown when the search icon is clicked for a section. There are also some new actions on showDocument() to hide and show the search panel underneath the section header. These are action=showsearchpanel, action=hidesearchpanel and action=togglesearchpanel. Just specify these on Lianja.showDocument("page.section?action=togglesearchpanel").

If you specify "Auto create" in the search panel section attributes then the search form will be created automatically based on the "Search fields" in a form and also in a grid. This provides the ability to query subsets of data to view without having to write any code. This will be made available in desktop, web, tablet and phone apps.