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2014-02-26, 00:07
In v1.1 we have introduced "Custom Search Panels". These slide down from beneath the section header and menu. You can specify the height and any custom content that you want to be contained within the search panel. If you are building Web/Mobile Apps be sure to write these in JavaScript using the LianjaWebFramework classes.

The Search Panel is part of a section just like the section menus are. You can build complex query forms that overlay on top of the section until you "Apply" the query at which point you can hide the Search Panel.

If you want the Search Panel to always be visible the just check off "Visible" in the search panel attributes. This allows you to have standard sections such as Form or Grid sections with a search panel above them.

I have primarily included this for Web/Mobile apps and I am in the process of making JavaScript canvas and custom sections available in the Web/Mobile client. These may or may not be in v1.1, I will see how we progress.

Here are a few screenshots to show you what "Custom Search Panels" do. You can slide them in and out using:






2014-02-26, 05:25
Hi Barry

Thanks for another great enhancement!

Can we have multiple search criteria in the search panel?
In my case, I need to provide my users the ability to search the employees by Name, Employee ID, Department, Job function and age range. User can key one or more criteria such as "All IT department staff with age of 30 to 40"

BTW, can the child section(s) also support the custom search panel or does this apply only to the parent section only?

Your advice is much appreciated

Thanks & Best Regards

2014-02-26, 05:42
Hi Tek Hong,

you can layout as much as you want in the search panel. So yes you can have a complex query form.

each section can have it's own independent custom search panel. So you can drill down within child sections or you could have one search panel on the master parent section of a page and assign filters to child sections.

i am currently putting this into the web client too. You use the LianjaWebFramework in JavaScript in the same way as VFP with the same class names, property names and method names...

2014-03-01, 01:03
I have now added "Auto create" to search panels in v1.1. If you specify multiple fields in a form section as "Search Fields" with one specified as the "Default" then the search panel form will automatically be created for you with caption/field pairs. There are two buttons to the right of this "Search" and "Reset". When you click search the data in the form section will be filtered by the "Default" search keys and the values specified for the other fields if they have been specified.

This provides the ability to have search panels in all clients using NoCode.

2014-03-01, 01:26
That is brilliant Barry.

Lianja just keeps getting better and better


2014-03-01, 21:18
Very Nice

2014-03-02, 08:30
Hi Barry

If my search fields are foreign keys in the table, would the auto generated search form require user to key in the actual FK field values or can the user keys in the the descriptions as search values?

Or is it the case that the auto search form will provide a picklist for user to select the FK values for search values?

Kindly advise

Thanks & Best Regards

2014-03-02, 20:04
No you would need to build a custom search panel to achieve that.

2014-03-03, 03:34
Hi Barry

I do have a lot of screens in my existing .NET app with similar search panels

If we need to build a custom search panel, is there anyway we can save the custom search panel in the library so that we can reuse it in many sections?

Your advice is much appreciated

Thanks & Best Regards

2014-03-03, 03:43
Yes you can. This functionality is supported.