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2014-02-16, 00:15
In v1.0.1 "Section Header Menus" and "Section Footer Menus" provide a horizontal list of "Clickable" button/dropdown links that allow you to call JavaScript (or other scripting language in a desktop App) when they are clicked. They are an integral part of a "Section" so they are hidden/shown as the section is collapsed/expanded.

Here is an example screenshot of a section header menu. If you wanted to change a filter on the data being viewed or switch pages you would do it in the delegate using Lianja.showDocument().


This screenshot is taken of the new "Tablet App View" which is also in v1.0.1. Notice the "Tool Bar" on the left which allows you to refresh, save and preview the app against the cloud server. "Preview" will automatically copy your App and its "Custom JavaScript Libraries" to the Cloud Server deployment directory and fire it up in your default desktop browser so you can make sure it renders and behaves as expected. In v1.0.1 the generated HTML5 JavaScript App is also now working in IE11 as well as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


I am working through the roadmap as I mentioned so additional features and functionality are moving ahead at a good pace.

To see what additional features and functionality are coming in v1.0.1 see the roadmap at:

2014-02-16, 00:31
And don't forget that in Lianja all pages are loaded (and hidden) in the browser so when you switch between pages it is instantaneous. These are known as "Single Page Applications" i.e. SPA. All the data on the server is automatically bound into the "Data View" so when you navigate data by touching or clicking the controls in the navigation bar (at the bottom) then only data is retrieved from the Lianja Cloud Server. This is very fast and "flicker free". Full Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations is all handled for you, there is no need to write any server-side code. A complete NoCode App Builder in fact.

2014-02-16, 01:18
Also notice the "Left side bar" has a list of "Favorites", "Recently Viewed", "Recently Modified" and "Instant Selections". These "Favorites", "Recently Viewed" and "Recently Modified" are user specific and are specific to the current page being viewed. These are standard "built-in" features that makes it easy to navigate back and forwards between data that the user is working with.