View Full Version : Mobile App Development improvements coming in v1.0.1

2014-02-12, 04:48
As I had already mentioned, apart from fixing tickets in an orderly fashion, we are progressing well with the enhancements to the Lianja Cloud Server as detailed in the roadmap. Our plan is to provide "point releases" as we complete development milestones. These "point releases" are not chargeable to those of you who have already purchased.

In Lianja Cloud Server v1.0.1 apart from fixing some tickets, I have included support for phonegap, provided a "Tablet App View" and "Phone App View". This is still under development but you get the general idea from the screenshots below.

In the right hand side of the "Tablet App View" and "Phone App View" window I am going to put a special "Mobile tools panel" which lets you switch orientations and has icons for "Swipe left", "Swipe right", "Swipe Down", "Swipe up" etc. so that you can simulate how the app works while developing without having to test it on a mobile device.


Ignore the layout of the phone App, this is still a work in progress and I expect to have it tidied up within a few days so that the navigation panel and search auto adjust themselves on the phone.


Obviously it is quite useful if you have multiple monitors as you can drag the "Web App View" onto one and the "Tablet/Phone App View" onto another as you are developing. Makes for rapid development as you can see how the mobile app looks as you develop it on the desktop in the Lianja App Builder.

I've also rearranged the roadmap somewhat as some things are falling into place quicker than others.