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2014-01-30, 00:26
The Lianja Web Client has been tested and runs well in Safari on Mac and iPad, Chrome (all platforms) and Firefox. IE is extremely buggy and will not currently run the Lianja Web Client so we recommend you download and use Google Chrome which is consistent across all platforms. We will investigate the IE issues in a later point release. Just an FYI when we were codesigning our Windows installers the Symantec website page for installing our certificates would not even run in IE11. We had to install these using the IE11 JavaScript debugger disabling JavaScript exceptions!

I've found one of the issues with IE11 but will not fix it until a later point release.

HTML5 has a "data-" tag which we use extensively in the Lianja Web Client.

Microsoft in their infinite wisdom uses "dataset" NOT "data" to reference these:

And to top it all off the agent string says it is "mozilla" with "gecko" duh! jquery thinks its firefox!!

2014-01-30, 11:13
Hi Barry,

This is a great instance of Lianja's value proposition: do we as business app developers want to spend our time working around these, and 100's if not 1,000's of other issues, as other app developers I know are having to do, or do we want to chip in (through our subscriptions) and have Lianja work around them? To me, this is a no-brainer.