View Full Version : Monitoring Lianja Cloud Server connections on Windows

2014-01-17, 01:37
We have enhanced the Lianja Server Manager (in the control panel) on Windows to monitor web connections. You can see in this screenshot what's going on at a glance.


2014-01-17, 10:45
Very Nice.

2014-01-17, 22:25
Interestingly you can run as many users as you want against the Cloud Server but windows limits the number of active concurrent connections. This causes it to instantiate a new server process rather than keep the client connected. It has no affect on performance. When a connection is refused our Web Client retries automatically until it succeeds. I'm still seeing response time in milliseconds. Pretty cool!

In other words. The browser keeps the connection alive and re-uses the connection. In this example I have 2 tabs open. So in fact the concurrent connections are for *each" browser. Tabs count as one connection. That makes life easier!

2014-03-04, 05:28
Hi Barry,

So if user opens multiple connections from the same browser, it would count as 1 connection?
I am just thinking about the 100 concurrent connection limit and if this would be a factor.



2014-03-04, 05:51
"Connections" are not "users".

When an Web/Mobile App runs then the browser (all are different) will open up many concurrent connections to handle AJAX requests.

The Lianja Cloud Server keeps these connections alive as long as the browser does. What this means is you get outstanding performance as the browser knows what connections it has that are still connected and makes HTTP requests on those existing connections rather than create new connections. This is known as HTTP "Keep Alives" which the Cloud Server honors.

If you open up new tabs in the same browser it will share the connections so they don't increase exponentially.

What I have seen (and this is browser dependent) is that the first app uses 6 connections and further tabs use 1 or 2.

So realistically 100 connections is browser dependent and would be approx 25 users on chrome (as an example).