View Full Version : Custom sections can now use VFP-style BROWSE

2012-03-09, 22:45
In beta7 we have added the ability to specify a BROWSE command that will be rendered in a custom section. You specify the command in the "Attributes" dialog for the custom section. e.g.

BROWSE NOEDIT KEY customers.custid FIELDS date=date(),currencycode:H="Code",name

Note how you can use the KEY clause. This can be used to cause the BROWSE grid to change dynamically as data in the parent of the custom section changes.

2012-03-10, 06:34
Here is an example in the Lianja blog.

2013-05-09, 17:32
Very handy quick feature. Would there be a way to enable editing of just one selected field? Also, if this browse statement feature could be replicated for use with a grid in a canvas, it would be excellent as well.

2013-05-10, 11:29
Hi Jeff,

You can use the ':R' option on any fields in the Browse you want to be Readonly. In my screenshot below, this means only the southwind!products.discontinued field is editable.