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2014-01-08, 20:13
I have finally gotten past all the environment setup issues and entered the program which creates the menu form.

This is a working VFP application of many years and many different applications.

The program creates a form from class mnu and then modifies it based on a local table which defines the specific application and its components and program sets.

The program execution in debug stops on the Define Class line:

The error is a compilation error in the menu program on the line

DEFINE class 'MNU1' AS 'MNU'

**** Compile Error: Variable was expected

but that is all the info it gives i have not a clue how to interpret it

apparently I have some error in this declaration but I don't see it; it looks like what the define documentation shows.



2014-01-09, 07:29
Hi Jim,

Lianja does not support quotes around the class and baseclass names. Please try modifying the line to:


and see if that then allows the program to continue.



2014-01-09, 13:32
THANKS Yvonne It actually should have, in a literal interpretation of the VFP docs, errored out in VFP too but they are literals In any case it doest belong in a command exception list but it does work in VFP and i have no idea why I wrote it that way original some 30 yrs ago so... lol

Is this the proper place to do thes minor things im working on another at the moment thats being uncooperative and its likely to result in a question. Will probable happen a lot as i hammer my way thru this "migration".

2014-01-10, 04:45
Hi Jim,

Ah OK, we do sometimes come up against undocumented VFP behaviour.

Yes, please do raise issues like this on the forums. It gives you the widest audience to give you help or advice and provides us with a knowledge base for the whole Lianja community!