View Full Version : Using Lianja python.exe with Aptana Studio: not recognized as a python version.

2013-12-25, 00:02
Is there a known reason why I would be getting this error when pointing Aptana (the easiest way to get a PyDev editor for working with Python) to the python.exe in the c:\lianja\scriptinglanguages\python\ ?

I figured I'd save the trouble that crops up with PYTHONPATH by doing this, but no dice.



2013-12-25, 20:21
Hi Hank,

What error? you did not mention what the error is.

PYTHONPATH is setup in the registry when Lianja is installed. I am not sure how Aptana references it. You would need to look into the Aptana documentation.

Just to clarify in case others are misled by this, as you know Lianja let's you edit Python code, there is no requirement to install any third party products.