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2013-11-18, 04:47
This article provides an introduction to the forthcoming Lianja Web Client.

2013-11-18, 11:19

I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on this.

Will dialog windows and panels work the same way as they do on the desktop?



2013-11-19, 00:54
Thats in the plan. This will be a closed beta for MVPs only and we will iterate functionality against our project plan.

2013-12-05, 23:43
We've been very busy the past few months building the Lianja Web Client -- which is pure HTML5 JavaScript.

To give you all a taste for what is coming, I have updated the blog article today showing a Lianja App developed using the Lianja App Builder running on Desktop, Browser and iPad.

The App was built using the Lianja App Builder with NoCode. Yes thats correct, there is no coding involved in the App. All of the UI is automatically data bound to the Lianja Cloud Server with full CRUD (Create Read Update and Delete) of data including full text editing and image uploading -- all without any coding whatsoever.

Data updating on the web/mobile is all performed magically using optimistic locking (very similar to the way the desktop client works). In other words, multiple users can be updating the same record at the same time as long as they update different fields. The Lianja Cloud Server rejects updates to a field when another user has already changed that field. This provides for maximum concurrent database transactions in a stateless cloud environment.


There is a lot more to come including the ability to package the HTML JavaScript App as a native Android and iOS App.

2013-12-06, 09:59
I am more interested in the developer blog about what is under the hood. I understand how to creates the rsp pages etc. What I am wondering about is whether I can incorporate some dynamic web pages in other websites that are not part of a lianja app much like I can currently with VFP. To do that I need to understand how the request gets passed to Lianja for processing and how the results are returned to the client's web brower.

2013-12-07, 01:37
It is done in exactly the same way you would using .php, .asp, .jsp or any other kind of server side page.

You specify a url in this case a path to a .rsp page and it is processed by the Lianja Cloud Server page processing engine and the resultant HTML/JavaScript send back to the browser.

This is the "Dynamic Page Services" part of Lianja Cloud Server.

If you want to embed some HTML that you generate from Lianja .rsp pages then just include it in an iframe and it will be embedded in an existing page.

2013-12-07, 01:41
What is is you want to retrieve from the server? A complete HTML page, a snippet of HTML or just query some data and get it back in JSON?

2013-12-09, 13:33
All of the options you mentioned.

2013-12-10, 00:55
Hi Simon,

Yes you can do all that with the Cloud Server as stated here.

Whatever your .rsp page outputs will be sent back to the browser so you can use jquery to dispatch $.ajax() requests and consume the result that comes back in whatever way you want if you want to write all this manually.

.rsp pages are modeled on .php pages so you have the same "associative arrays" (without the $ prefix) e.g. _SERVER[], _REQUEST[], _FILES[] etc.

Working with OData is explained in this blog article and you can see the URIs that are used to retrieve data.

The OData support in current Lianja Cloud Server has been extended quite a lot as it is used to handle all data access for Lianja Apps running in the browser.

The doc will be updated prior to release describing the new functionality.

Hope this helps.