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2013-10-14, 12:12
Please advice on how to achieve security of the application deployed as a desktop.
Security on basis of copyright and distribution of said software.

2013-10-18, 04:04

2013-10-18, 05:48
There are several factors affecting this.

1. The lianja license will require activation when a redistributed application is installed. This is activated against the developer runtime distribution key which is provided at purchase time.
2. You should only package up compiled files not source code.
3. You should include your own splashscreen and license agreement.
4. Depending upon the type of license purchased this restricts the number of concurrent runtime users.
5. You should place copyright banners in your files and also include a license agreement.
6. Using the sha1file() function you can generate a unique key for the installation against your app folder and include this in your license key.