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2013-09-29, 21:43
In the final release we have enabled some additional functionality to simplify building Client/Server systems using Virtual Tables.

Firstly, If a Virtual Table has the CONNSTR set to "local" and you specify the "Runtime Connection" in the App Settings then when the App is run under the Lianja App Center runtime client, the "local" CONNSTR will automatically be mapped to the specified runtime connection.

Secondly, there is a new menu option in the "Data" workspace, "Create Virtual Tables from ODBC". This will create a virtual table definition prefixed with vt_ for each table in the ODBC DSN that you specify in the dialog.

This simplifies using Lianja with MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, LianjaSQL etc. in a client server system.

2013-09-30, 01:05
Further to this...

The whole Virtual Table architecture has also been improved in the next build in preparation for final release.

The "Import ODBC Database" dialog now has a checkbox "Virtual Tables" that will create a "local" virtual table prefixed with vt_ for each table imported.

There is also a new menu item in the "Data" workspace "Create Virtual Table from ODBC" that creates only the virtual tables but not the data so the app can work live against the remote server.

When a Virtual Table is created with ODBC import, the CONNSTR is set to "local" so the app can be built offline of the remote server.

In the App Settings you will find "Runtime connection" that is substituted whenever "local" is seen as the CONNSTR in a deployed runtime app (Lianja App Center).

This simplifies development and deployment and reduces development time.

2013-09-30, 02:10
you're simply the best...

2013-09-30, 06:56
Very Nice.