View Full Version : MySQL vs Postgres vs SQL Express vs MariaDB vs Lianja

2013-09-25, 03:40
Which DB choose?
The best would be Lianja, but it costs too much for me .. :-)
my application may also be sold in 1, 2, 3 Members and 1 only for the DB, are a little too much ..

Each database has its own dialect, however, and, even if the virtual table resolves a lot, when you do need to use query statements that are not common (Like,%, * ..).

So I wonder, what use?

SQL Express, it's free, then if the client grows, I switch to MS SQL Server ..
MySQL, as above
Maria DB, it's free, but do not know how it works .. has ODBC drivers for Lianja?
Postgres, it seems ok ..

what is your opinion?


2013-09-25, 03:53
ISVs pay an annual subscription and there are no additional license fees.

Lianja SQL Server has a smaller footprint, is easier to install and you can write stored procedures in VFP.

Additionally moving Lianja databases from one platform to another is simple; you just zip up the database container and thats it.

There are other advantages such as automatic failover and fallback (on Linux) which is built into the database engine.

2013-09-25, 03:56
Apart from that you get Lianja support which you do not get with the other databases, and believe me when they mess up or you need to move from one machine to another things are not as straightforward as you may think.

2013-09-25, 04:12
Oh and let's not forget that Lianja Cloud Server *includes* Lianja SQL Server with the added ability to write Server Pages in Visual FoxPro and JavaScript on all platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac).

And... built-in OData support on all platforms.

So if you are to compare and contrast these should also be taken into consideration.

Lianja is a complete APaaS (Apps Platform As A Service) not just a development environment or a SQL Server.

2013-09-25, 04:29
I know Barry ...
but at the moment I do not want to spend $ 5k every year for the ISV subscription.. Since I work every day for a large company MS Dinamics AX, I have 5 clients with my ERP and have no one to sell it ..

If all 5 decide to move to SEM (the name of the new ERP), I gain 10-15k ..

So I need an economical solution.

If I buy Lianja (700$) and I create tables with Lianja, then I create my ERP based on virtual table based on the tables Lianja (as in the distributed example), I can easily switch to Lianja SQL Server?

if I have 3 users, with a file server that contains 220 tables Lianja (2-300 MB of data).. what will be the performance?
the same as VFP?

if the Customer need to increase the performance as increased users, I sell Lianja SQL Server..

is possible?


2013-09-25, 04:41
If you write your App properly always bearing in mind that data will be coming from across the LAN in your case then Lianja SQL will optimize a lot using indexes which reduces network traffic. It does not read all the records from the file server to perform a query, it uses a cost based index optimizer.

We have sites running this engine now with 2700+ active concurrent users with < 1 second response times.

Its all to do with how you architect your product and we have already discussed this at great length in other threads.

Lianja Virtual Tables work against Lianja SQL Server and third party ODBC data sources but they also work against the internal database engine so if you follow the advise that you have been given and query only data that is needed, your app will perform just fine subject to the LAN not being saturated by other traffic.