View Full Version : CursorAdaptor requery() functionality enhancement in RC9

2013-09-25, 02:32
In final RC9 when a requery() is issued on a CursorAdaptor of a Virtual Table the section that it is bound to automatically positions to the first record and the data navigation bar is updated to reflect the number of records selected. Example:

ca = cursorAdaptor("vcust") // Get a reference to the CursorAdaptor object for the specified local cursor
ca.requery("customerid='B'") // This will requery the ODBC data source, replace the local cursor and
// automatically update the section that it is bound to

If the target section has related child sections then they will also be automatically related after the requery().

The requery() method has also been added to a "section" so it can be used either programatically:


and also as an inline delegate in NoCode development:

$("section:section1?action=requery&text=customerid eq 'B'")

Notice the need for an OData style condition on the inline delegate.

2013-09-25, 02:34
sounds great!