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2013-08-23, 16:15
In my vfp apps I use two DBCs , one for tables and one for views.

The view DBCc is then built into the exe so that it is on each work station.

I'm currently modifying the lianja import dbc prg to import views as well ss tables

My apps use views only and in Lianja when I import a form I get entries such as

define class cursor1_1ok0wahoz as cursor

** Properties
Top = 20
Left = 10
Height = 447
Width = 91
Alias = "v_daddress"
Database = '..\data\aim_views.dbc'
CursorSource = "v_daddress_4_dcountry_3way"
NoDataOnLoad = .T.
Name = "Cursor1"


Can Lianja use two dbcs in an application or do I ned to have teh views imported into the tables DBC ?

If so then I assume I'd have to alter teh code

Database = '..\data\aim_views.dbc'


Database = '..\data\aim.dbc'

does one need the '..\data\
part of that line in actual fact ?

2013-08-23, 19:45
Hi David,

Put them all in the same DBC (there's no putting the dbc into the exe in Lianja, and it shouldn't be necessary, assuming the header of the .cax isn't locked when a VT is opened -- it's the lock of the dbc header that leads to the problem with opening views in VFP).


2013-08-23, 23:27
Hi Hank,

Yes that is what I'm planing to do.

If I do that then I'll laos need to change some code in teh import routine to alter the Database = '..\data\aim_views.dbc' to Database = '..\data\aim.dbc', or probbaly Database = 'aim.dbc'