View Full Version : Lianja SQL Server now supports an OData RESTful API

2013-08-12, 04:38
We have now added OData support to the Lianja SQL Server. Included in the next release you will find an HTTP server bundled along with the Lianja SQL Server. There is also an apache and IIS plugin for this if you have an existing web server running.

This is a lightweight and very scaleable http server (and apache/IIS plugin) that handles server side pages written in VFP on all platforms as well as built-in OData query support through a RESTful API. This allows you to integrate existing web apps with Lianja using jQuery or whatever else you choose that can consume JSON format data. We will blog about this in due course so you can see how simple it is to use. The http server also supports file uploads.

If you are familiar with PHP you use this in the same way but writing in VFP e.g. the PHP associative arrays are available in VFP scripting; $_FILES is _FILES, $_GET is _GET, $_POST is _POST etc.