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2013-08-02, 00:56
I figured I would play around and see what I came up with on the Canvas side of the world.
I think with the addition of the Gridtree - you can do pretty much everything you can think of in Canvas.
My wish list would be a toolbox and some sort of container object - but that might not be feasible.


2013-08-02, 00:57
And of course - the standard sections.400

2013-08-02, 01:19
Hi Herb,

Exactly :)

There will be additional components added to the Canvas section after v1.0.

The big difference between a Custom section and a Canvas section is that the Lianja engine understands the hierarchy of objects in a Canvas section as they are all registered in the LOM.

What this means is that delegates can be dispatched on any device.

So the Cloud/Mobile HTML5/JavaScript Clients will include Canvas sections after I have all the standard sections working to my satisfaction. (I'm doing that now for Mobile in fact).

Whatever type of section you use you can call server-side code written in VFP and this is handled by the clients.

So for example if your validation is written in VFP and you specify it like this:


then this is evaluated on the server substituting {} with the current value in the control.

JavaScript libraries are loaded into the client so no round trip is required.

2013-08-02, 07:42
Very cool Barry.

Can't wait to get my hands on it :)