View Full Version : Semicolon replaced during migration

2013-07-12, 05:50
Is there a reason, why semicolons in a line of code are replaced with tabs and spaces? It does not make the code better readble, especially when the statemnet is longer than the following:

LOCATE FOR ANSTGKZ = .oAngut.anstgkz AND ;
ANSTNR = .oAngut.anstnr AND ;
ANSTUNR = .oAngut.anstunr

LIANJA after migration:
LOCATE FOR ANSTGKZ = .oAngut.anstgkz AND ANSTNR = .oAngut.anstnr AND ANSTUNR = .oAngut.anstunr

2013-07-12, 05:56
The converter is just joining lines with ; continuation into one line as it needs to be able to parse the text so that it can do its best to beautify the code with proper statement block indentation.

The converter is in the library workspace. You can change it to do what you want and share the changes back into the community by uploading to LianjaX.